Plans for 50th reunion underway!

 Planning for our 50th Reunion is underway!  We want to get a "SAVE THE DATE "out so you can make plans. Here is THE PLAN so far:

FRIDAY, AUGUST 10, 2018 will be a get together for all classmates and spouses at EDGEWATER ACRES on River Rd in Alexandria.

SATURDAY, AUGUST 11, 2018 will be dinner at Juniata College.

There are a few rooms available at Edgewater and if you would like to stay there we recommend that you make your reservations NOW!

This site is an effort to reunite old friends and keep our class together.  We are missing many, many email addresses so when you go through the list of classmates, if you see one missing ,that you might have, please let me know.  The more people we have participating here, the more fun we will have...and we've always been good at that!

Officers elected for the next 5  years (Good Lord willing and the creek don't rise!) are:

Steve Jackson - President
Jim Bookhamer - Vice President
Paul Dell - Secretary/Treasurer
Donna Gutshall Isenberg - Historian

I would like to encourage our entire class to spend some time here, sign the guest book and if you would like, send me more of your information and I'll see that it gets downloaded.  I did not add phone numbers, but I will with permission of each member.  You will note that your email address is available to have mail sent to you, but your actual email address is not published.  I'm anxious to hear from each class member and welcome comments, suggestions, and even complaints!

Have fun and always remember


Reunion Quiz
What was the #1 item ordered by the Class of '68 at Grubb's Diner?

Cheeseburger Royal
French Fries and Gravy
Short Vanilla
Fried Liver
Reunion Poll
What time of the year would be best for the next reunion

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